About Moblu

    Moblu is a place where you can:

  • find the fuel economy rating of your car - over 10,000 vehicles in our database
  • easily calculate and track your car's mileage - record fill-ups on the go with three simple numbers
  • see how your mileage stacks up against the mileage of other drivers
  • track your gas costs over time or calculate your gas cost for a single trip using our gas cost calculator
  • find the latest news on fuel efficient vehicles like hybrids, electric vehicles, clean diesels
  • share your mpg with others using Facebook
  • People

    Mike Scott - Mike's varied 20-year business career has included stints as a lawyer, an investment banker, and a senior executive at one of Canada's leading cleantech companies.

    Scott Fearnley - Scott has been in the software design and development business for more than fifteen years. In 1996 he founded his own company Basis Applied Technology, a software development company which has completed successful projects for a wide range of industry-leading television and film producers, software publishers and consumer product companies

    James Sas - James is a highly accomlished web developer and single-handedly wrote the code for Moblu.